Green transporter

Toward a greener future for the transportation world

2023-10-01 VDE dialog

Editorial: "Open – and determined"

The world of transport and mobility is facing its greatest upheaval in decades, and perhaps even since the invention of modern vehicles themselves. The demand for climate neutrality is having an immense impact on the drive systems of trains, ships, aircraft and cars. Much of the focus here is on reducing CO2 and other emissions and minimizing the consumption of resources.

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Portrait photo of Dr. Martin Hieber

Dr. Martin Hieber, VDE Board Member for Technology and Networks (CTO)


How can this transformation be achieved? One thing is clear: What we need now is openness to new technologies. They must be allowed to compete in order to find the most economical and environmentally friendly solutions. This means that the technologies currently available will find their own specific, ideal fields of application. For instance, e-fuels will almost certainly be the energy source of choice in international aviation and shipping. This is another area that will be based on sustainably produced hydrogen. We therefore need to couple all the necessary openness with consistent, strategic action. In the competition of technologies, policymakers have to offer a clear framework in which every stakeholder can plan with certainty.

Another field of innovation in transport involves smart solutions that are based on integrated and digitalized supply and transport chains. The intelligent linking of road, rail, shipping and air traffic is a key element of sustainable transport systems, and also an essential milestone on the path towards an all-electric society. Today, there are already IT- and AI-based solutions that can manage long-distance transport and upstream and downstream activities much more flexibly while avoiding empty runs. This is another subject you can read about in this edition of VDE dialog.

VDE is playing a crucial role in this comprehensive transition. By bringing together experts from the worlds of science and business, we are making an essential contribution to developing sustainable solutions for the future. Delve into the latest topics in VDE dialog and find out what part you can play in overcoming the challenges on the way to a future worth living in!


Dr. Martin Hieber, VDE Board Member for Technology and Networks (CTO)