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Transport – Bigger, further, greener

The world of transportation is facing the biggest upheaval in decades, perhaps even since the invention of transportation. The requirement for climate neutrality has immense implications for the propulsion of trains, ships, aircraft and automobiles. The focus is on reducing CO2 and other emissions and minimizing resource consumption. How can this transformation be achieved? One thing is clear: Technology openness is the order of the day. Competition between technologies must lead to the most economical and environmentally compatible solution.

This issue of VDE dialog takes a close look at the various, sometimes competing, drive options for heavy-duty vehicles and other transport vehicles - from hydrogen trucks to battery operation to e-fuels. Which technology is the most promising and sustainable? All the important answers can be found in this VDE dialog. 

Sustainable transportation also includes smart logistics. From the air cab for the warehouse to the goods ticket from the cloud, we present helpful developments and projects.

Other topics in this issue include :
Microelectronic implants that can help millions of sick people by means of nerve stimulation.
The development of the wind energy market and the race for ever larger wind turbines
Urban Twins - digital twins of municipalities designed to contribute to a more livable future in the city.

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