2023-04-01 publication

"Innovation instead of abandonment" - a plea from DKE Managing Director Michael Teigeler

In light of the energy and climate crises, we have two options: radical renunciation or radical innovation. Those of us at the VDE and DKE are counting on the latter. We intend to maintain the living standards in our society while aiding its continued growth. Our society is to become an all-electric one.

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Portrait Michael Teigeler

DKE Managing Director Michael Teigeler


Electricity that is generated sustainably and without CO2 represents the heart of our vision. In it, all applications are being electrified, digitalized and automated, and thus becoming highly efficient. We are achieving climate neutrality through the use of renewable – and, in essence, electrical – forms of energy. These are forming the foundation for green and CO2-free heating, mobility and hydrogen generation. In order to operate our entire energy system efficiently, we are also coupling the industry, mobility, infrastructure and building sectors by means of information technology. Those are the guiding principles of an all-electric society.

Here in the present day, many technological and economically viable developments are already available. Meanwhile, researchers are working at full speed on other solutions that also protect the climate. All these elements need to be developed further and linked together in intelligent ways. That is the path toward an all-electric society.

Electrical engineering will play a key role on this journey. After all, we're facing an electrification effort on a scale that has only been seen once before, over 130 years ago. Just as in those days, the experts from the VDE and from the field of electrical engineering standardization at DKE will support the impending developments and ensure that new solutions remain safe, functional, sustainable and interoperable. This poses a major challenge for us all, but with our combined commitment and dedication, we can achieve our ambitious goals. It’s up to each and every one of us to get actively involved in taking responsibility. Then, future generations will be able to enjoy a level of prosperity and quality of life similar to our own – in a fully realized all-electric society.

We hope that the current edition of VDE dialog will inspire you as we set out on this path together.

Yours truly, Michael Teigeler, DKE Managing Director

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