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2022-01-03 publication

Sustainable together

At VDE, our commitment to greater sustainability has the highest priority, and it spans many different fields. This overview covers a few of our main areas of focus.

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No circular economy without norms and standards

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The new Circular Economy advisory board founded by DIN and DKE brings stakeholders from the recycling economy together at one table and serves as a central point of contact for coordinating standardization activities. A joint roadmap on circular economy standardization is due to be published at the end of the year. Its aim is to provide an overview of the status quo, describe related requirements and challenges, and formulate concrete action areas for future standards.

Adjustments to improve sustainability

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In addition to product safety, the topic of sustainability in electronic devices is a top priority at the VDE Institute. A wide range of tests and services are available – from chemical tests and material analyses to the verification of recyclability and reparability and on to energy efficiency and ecodesign requirements. This allows manufacturers to make adjustments and ensure their products are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Digitalization meets sustainability

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Founded in 2017, the VDE Digitalization & Sustainability Network focuses on improving sustainability through digital solutions and new technologies. In addition to environmental protection, economic efficiency and social sustainability play key roles. Further topics include the intelligent design of cities as green spaces that promote wellness and the potential of smart, urban and vertical farming for future food production.


An A+++ for sustainable efforts

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The VDE Institute has spent many years honing its expertise in measuring the energy efficiency of electronic devices and creating energy consumption labels. The results of such measurements provide information on energy saving potential and confirm compliance with the legal requirements on ecodesign, energy efficiency and environmental protection. In addition, the VDE Institute is an accredited testing laboratory for the US Energy Star Program and a partner in the international EPEAT program for environmentally friendly technology.

More CO2 footprint transparency

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As the name suggests, the VDE subsidiary VDE Renewables provides global services in connection with renewable energies. It covers virtually all areas of the value chain. The focus is on not only electrical and operational safety, but also the economic viability and sustainability of products, including their recyclability. The certifications and tests VDE Renewables offers on bankability, investability and insurability deliver greater transparency regarding CO2 footprints.