2024-01-01 VDE dialog

Update: Path to the product standard

The product standard for plug-in solar devices has been discussed for a long time, the draft standard was expected in December 2023 after the objection consultation. The objection procedure is now entering a new round.

On December 13, 2023, the objection consultation on the product standard for plug-in PV systems took place in Frankfurt am Main. On this date, the objectors had the opportunity to present their comments to the committee. Some issues were quickly resolved. However, no final consensus could be reached on either the power limit or the grid connection. In addition, the many changes made since the draft meant that it was almost impossible to clearly understand the status of the discussion.

The draft standard was optimized by incorporating numerous comments. Related regulations to which the standard referred have also evolved. For example, plug-in solar devices are now not a construction product after all, which is relevant for the permitted type of installation. And finally, Solar Package I also changes the legal framework.

"Because of all the changes, a transparent discussion was difficult to implement. For this reason, we have therefore decided to present a revised draft at the beginning of 2024, in which everyone can understand which optimizations have been made," says Dominika Radacki from the German Commission for Electrical Engineering (DKE), who heads the standardization committee as project manager of the Energy department.

This means that the objection procedure will also go into another round. However, Radacki is hoping that the deadline can be shortened to two months this time. "We will also seek an open discussion with those who still have objections from the outset," she says. She hopes that this will be quicker than a conciliation procedure, which would otherwise have been the alternative.

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