"Securing the future with young talent"
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Young Talent – Why we need more young people and how we can win them over

The targets are ambitious: Germany must be climate-neutral by 2045. That is the minimum required to make at least a relevant contribution to slowing global warming. It is well known that this cannot be achieved without well-trained young people in the field of electrical engineering and information technology. Reason enough to dedicate the focus of this issue of VDE dialog to this topic.

You will read how university studies have massively lost popularity and that too many students do not complete them successfully. You will also read why young women in particular rarely opt for this course of study. The life paths of successful female engineers are encouraging - but many more female role models are needed to sustainably inspire (not only) young women.

And we take a look at the steadily growing STEM funding. After all, just about everyone involved agrees that enthusiasm for this important field must be awakened at a young age. This is where the VDE also gets involved. For example, with the INVENT a CHIP competition, which has already produced some outstanding young talent - you will also meet three of them in this issue.

Other topics in this issue are :

The latest developments in photovoltaic technology
A look through "Smart Glasses" – What can wearables do for the eyes and who do they benefit? 
Inductive charging technology – Will we soon be filling up with electricity without stopping? 

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