Portrait photo of Thomas Koller, Head of Marketing & Communication at VDE
Thomas M. Koller / Christine Blei
2022-04-05 publication

"Let's talk about opportunities and possibilities!"

On the one hand, it is about the opportunities and possibilities to make our world CO₂-neutral, so that we can still stop global warming, so that future generations can also grow up in an intact environment. The current issue of VDE dialog is also about the opportunities and possibilities for us to remain competitive on the global market - so that future generations can also grow up in peace and prosperity.

VDE dialog - the technology magazine

Ansgar Hinz issues a wake-up call for a master plan which places responsibility first on the political sphere, then also on industry and society as a whole.
The current digital and green transformation is the biggest upheaval since the Industrial Revolution. As we know, the latter produced many winners – and some losers, as well. We should do all we can to ensure that not only Germany, but the rest of Europe and the entire world benefit from this disruption. We only have one planet, after all. One brief internal note: you may be surprised not to read anything about Russia and Ukraine in this issue. This is because we have an early editorial deadline and it was not clear how things would develop by the time the issue was published. We had also conducted the interview with Ansgar Hinz before the Russian invasion and decided not to update it afterwards. In view of this threat, however, his appeal for greater technological sovereignty needs to be understood in terms of the energy sector, as well. This is another area that presents not only risks, but also opportunities and possibilities for Germany and all of Europe. As the largest technology organization in Europe with over 100,000 experts in all areas of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology, VDE will always support and promote this transformation process in constructive ways.

Yours truly,
Thomas Koller, Head of Brand Management, Marketing and Communication